White Turquoise Pendant

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  • White Turquoise Pendant

    By putting this Turquoise Pendant on your necklace you give the natural elegance of the turquoise stone to your style as well as its many virtues.

      • Crystal : Turquoise
      • Color: White
      • Easy to Wear

      • Astrological sign corresponding to turquoise pendant :  Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini
      • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
      • Size of the Turquoise pendant : Diameter of 1,2 Inch

      With this Turquoise pendant brings to your life virtues such as soothing joint pain and muscle contractions. Strengthen your sense of sight and it will teach you to recognize your qualities so that you can be proud of you more easily.

      Virtues of the White Turquoise Pendant

      Mental virtues of the White Turquoise Pendant

      • To drive out the tiredness by avoiding you the mental load.
      • Protect you from bad waves.
      • Learn to let go.
      • Develop a sense of intuition.
      • To give desire to launch out in new projects.
      • To vitalize your mind.
      • Develop communication skills.

      Physical virtues of the White Turquoise Pendant

      • Harmonize the circulation of body flows.
      • Protect your digestive system.
      • Boost the immune system.
      • To alleviate certain pains.


      Chakra Corresponding to the White Turquoise Pendant

      • Throat Chakra


      Maintenance of the White Turquoise Pendant

      Plunge it into a large bowl of water in which sea salt will have been diluted. It is then necessary to let it recharge under the rays of the Moon.