White Opal Pendant

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  • White Opal Pendant

    Bring to your life the virtues of the opal pendant. Be it in the style and beauty of the pendant. Or in the benefits it brings you this ring will make your life more beautiful.

      • Crystal : Opal
      • Color: White
      • Easy to Wear

      • Astrological sign corresponding to Opal Pendant : Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
      • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
      • Size of the Opal pendant : Diameter of 1,2 Inch

      With the opal pendant give you the chance to have more patience, the courage to take more initiative and help you to be more relaxed in all possible stressful situations. It will give you energy during your sport and challenging moments. 


      Virtues of the White Opal Pendant

      Mental virtues of the White Opal Pendant

      • Helps you become more patient
      • Gives you the courage to show more initiative
      • You can also become more independent
      • No longer be influenced by bad people
      • Helps you to relax
      • Dissipate nervous tensions that can affect you in your daily life
      • Channel agitated children
      • Gives you joy of living

      Physical virtues of the White Opal Pendant

      • Protects against aches and pains
      • Provides physical energy during sport
      • Help you fight against fatigue
      • Helps to accelerate the healing of a superficial wound
      • regulates the body temperature in case of headaches


      Chakra Corresponding to the White Opal Pendant

      • Root Chakra


      Maintenance of the White Opal Pendant

      • Purification process: to purify your synthetic opal stone, use salt water, preferably distilled, and pour it into a container where you will immerse your stone.
      • Charging process: charge your synthetic opal mineral stone under the sun. However, avoid too much exposure to the sun.