Tigers Eye Necklace Pendant

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  • Tigers Eye Pendant Necklace

    Bring confidence, dynamism and joy to your daily life with the elegance of the tiger's eye necklace, which with its style gives a pure and chic look

    • Crystal : Tiger eye
    • Material of the Necklace : Steel Wire
    • Energetic value : Confidence, Dynamism, Joy of living, Inner peace, Protection, Stress
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Tigers Eye necklace : Gemini Leo and Virgo
    • Necklace and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Necklace : 20 Inch
    • Size of the pendant : 0,4 Inch x 1.6 Inch
    • box not included

    Enjoy the benefits and the mental and physical virtues that the tiger eye necklace can bring you. Bring an elegance of style with a peace of mind, a dynamism with any test, as well as an increased joy of living. The tiger eye necklace has all the benefits that will help you have the most enjoyable life.


    Virtues of the Tigers Eye Necklace Pendant

    Mental virtues of the Tigers Eye Necklace Pendant

    • Harmful influences are removed
    • Unhappiness is reduced
    • The desires develop
    • Ideas become clearer
    • lucidity develops
    • Motivation is present
    • The newness settles in
    • Protection is developed
    • Calmness is developed
    • Joy of living is present
    • Imagination is developed
    • Self-control gains confidence
    • The emotional body is regulated

    Physical virtues of the Tigers Eye Necklace Pendant

    • Vitality and dynamism are developed
    • The organs are treated
    • Fractures are relieved
    • The physical body is regulated


    Chakra Corresponding to the Tigers Eye Necklace Pendant

    • Solar plexus


    Maintenance of the Tigers Eye Necklace Pendant

    • The salt and distilled water is purifying the eye of tiger
    • The sun recharges the tiger's eye by placing it on a cluster of quartz