Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

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  • Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

    Bringing all the virtues of the Tiger Eye Pendant, it will give you protection against bad energy, sadness and headaches. And moreover, bring the elegance of the natural stone.

      • Crystal : Tiger Eye
      • Easy to Wear

      • Astrological sign corresponding to Tiger Eye Pendant : Gemini, Leo, Virgo
      • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
      • Size of the Tiger Eye pendant : Diameter of 1,2 Inch

      With the Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant you can reduce fractures and bone problems. It will harmonize relaxation and physical harmony. It will also balance emotions and encourage perseverance.


      Virtues of the Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

      Mental virtues of the Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

      • Effective protection against evil spells and removes negative energy to let the positive waves
      • Also balances emotions and encourages perseverance
      • Relieves headaches, sadness
      • Allows to fight effectively against the stress which we meet in the everyday life

      Physical virtues of the Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

      • Reduction of fractures and bone capital
      • Bring a physical harmony essential for relaxation
      • It also provides vitality.
      • A true source of dynamism, it also treats the organs

      Chakra Corresponding to the Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

      • Solar plexus


      Maintenance of the Tiger Eye Crystal Pendant

      • The purification of the eye of the tiger pendant is done in distilled salt water
      • The recharge is made on a mass of quartz on a day of great sun.