Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

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  • Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

    Bring to your life, the energetic support with a Tiger Eye bracelet design in the taste of the day, which will give elegance to your style. while bringing the benefits of crystal bracelet.

    • Crystal : Tiger eye
    • Energetic value : Confidence, Dynamism, Joy of living, Inner peace, Protection, Stress
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Tiger Eye Bracelet : Gemini, Leo and Virgo
    • Bracelet and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the beads : 0,3 Inch
    • Box not included

    Give your energies the opportunity to be in tune with your body and your feelings with this tiger eye bracelet. It will also reflect the waves, protect you against bad luck and stress. The crystal tiger eye promotes your self-confidence, your joy of living and your creativity. And on the physical side it treats you the fractures, the organs as well as the physical energy  


    Virtues of the Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

    Mental virtues of the Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

    • The eye of tiger is the stone of protection par excellence, and sends back the bad waves.
    • It protects from bad spells and stress.
    • This stone brings the full consciousness and the structuring of thoughts.
    • It promotes self-confidence, joy of living and creativity.
    • Stone of perseverance, it reveals the intentions of change.
    • It unveils intentions, removes uneasiness.
    • It regulates the emotional body and inner peace.

    Physical virtues of the Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

    • The eye of tiger offers dynamism and vitality.
    • It treats fractures, organs and physical energy.

    Chakra Corresponding to the Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

    • Solar plexus

    Maintenance of the Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

    • The eye of tiger finds its purification in distilled and salted water
    • This stone is recharged under a full sun, preferably exposed on a mass of quartz