Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

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  • Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

    The Rose Quartz Earrings will give you the elegance and purity of this natural stone. Bringing you its benefits as the fact of accepting oneself and having confidence in oneself on the long term.

    • Crystal : Rose Quartz
    • Material of the Earrings : Copper alloy
      • Color: Pink
      • Easy to Wear

      • Astrological sign corresponding to Rose Quartz Earrings : Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Libra and Cancer.
      • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market

      Rose Quartz Earrings will allow you to reduce the stress you have on a daily basis, to relieve your traumas and the negative experiences you may have had. They help you to accept yourself with your qualities and defects and avoid denial.


      Virtues of the Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

      Mental virtues of the Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

      • Helps to heal emotional wounds
      • Relieves trauma and painful childhood experiences
      • Also facilitates recovery from physical pain
      • Promotes self-acceptance
      • Allows for greater self-confidence in the long term

      Physical virtues of the Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

      • Helps to find sleep or
      • Helps with tension problems related to anxiety
      • Reduces stress 

      Chakra Corresponding to the Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

      • Heart Chakra


      Maintenance of the Rose Rose Quartz Stone Earrings

      • To purify them, clean them or let them rest overnight in a glass filled with demineralized water slightly salted.
      • Then recharge them for a few hours under the moonlight, avoiding full moonlight which could turn your stones white.