Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

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  • Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

    Wear this pendant and give your daily life the chance to be easier thanks to the virtues of the rose quartz pendant. Bring to your style the purity and beauty of the natural stone.

    • Crystal : Rose Quartz
    • Color: Pink
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Rose Quartz Pendant : scales, cancers, capricorns, bulls and virgins
    • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Rose Quartz pendant : Diameter of 1,2 Inch

    This rose quartz pendant brings you an ease in forgiving people you may hold grudges with. It also helps you to be more respectful of those around you and helps people give you the respect you deserve.

    Virtues of the Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

    Mental virtues of the Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

    • To promote forgiveness and respect,
    • To bring appeasement to people by promoting the healing of moral pains,
    • soften the hardened hearts and attenuate the pains of the heart,
    • Reduce tensions by installing it in a room it will diffuse serenity to all its occupants. Note that if the rose quartz is accompanied by a black tourmaline, the virtues will be reinforced.

    Physical virtues of the Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

    • Accelerate healing,
    • Relieve irritating heat sensations in the body,
    • Regulate the renal and circulatory systems.

    Chakra Corresponding to the Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

    • Heart


    Maintenance of the Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant

    • Purify the pendant in distilled and salted water,
    • Recharge the jewel in full sunlight, preferably with a cluster of quartz.