Purple Amethyst Ring

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  • Purple Amethyst Ring

    Wear this Purple Amethyst Ring to bring the beauty of natural stone and all the soothing virtues of amethyst as to find an inner balance.

    • Crystal : Amethyst
    • Material of the Ring : Steel
    • Color: Purple
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Amethyst Ring : Virgos, Aquarians, Sagittarians and Capricorns
    • Ring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Ring : Adjustable

    The amethyst ring brings many benefits, virtues and helps to stimulate concentration, imagination and creativity. In addition to allowing a muscular relaxation and an improved physical well being.


    Virtues of the Black Agate Stone Ring

    Mental virtues of the Purple Amethyst Ring

    • Will bring a sense of serenity
    • Find an inner balance
    • Will also stimulate concentration
    • Increases imagination and creativity.

    Physical virtues of the Purple Amethyst Ring

    • Allows a muscular relaxation in the cervical zone
    • Provides a feeling of relaxation in the upper back
    • Fights against toxins accumulated in the body
    • Soothes headaches
    • Also has a beneficial effect on sleep, making it more restful.

    Chakra Corresponding to the Purple Amethyst Ring

    • 7th Chakra

    Maintenance of the Purple Amethyst Ring

    In order to preserve its benefits and to purify it, place the amethyst ring in spring water during three hours, in the dark. It will be able to be recharged with the light of the Moon. Sunlight should be avoided at all costs.