Labradorite Crystal Pendant

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  • Labradorite Crystal Pendant

    Wear this sleek Pendant that gives you the natural beauty of stones and will soothe your sadness, calm your fears and anxieties. Give yourself the chance to bring the benefits of the Labradorite Pendant into your life.

    • Crystal : Labradorite
    • Color: Grey
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Labradorite Pendant : Sagittarius Gemini Cancer Pisces
    • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Labradorite pendant : Diameter of 1,2 Inch

    The Labradorite Crystal Pendant brings intuitions, for your daily life. it brings clairvoyance also offers you relaxation and rest. the stone of this bracelet attenuate the physical pains and brings a better sleep by supporting the creativity and the imagination. So what are you waiting for to bring all this to your life with the touch of elegance of The Crystal House


    Virtues of the Labradorite Crystal Pendant

    Mental virtues of the Labradorite Crystal Pendant

    • The labradorite develops the clairvoyance and the intuitions
    • It brings the dissolution of the negative energies but also their most total destruction
    • This stone is recognized for its great protection
    • More generally, labradorite harmonizes the aura (or electromagnetic field)

    Physical virtues of the Labradorite Crystal Pendant

    • The labradorite regenerates the body energy
    • It allows to attenuate the physical pains
    • This stone fights against loneliness
    • The labradorite stone allows to attenuate the forms of sleep disorders


    Chakra Corresponding to the Labradorite Crystal Pendant

    • Solar plexus
    • Heart


    Maintenance of the Labradorite Crystal Pendant

    • The labradorite pendant is very rarely purified except in the framework of a therapy (because it charges quickly but also destroys the negative energies). To purify it, it must be immersed in distilled salt water.
    • It is charged under a full morning sun and if possible on a mass of quartz