Kyanite Stud Earrings

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  • Kyanite Stud Earrings

    Increase your self-confidence, reduce your stress and anxiety with the virtues of Kyanite Earrings. Promote your restful sleep and intuitive abilities with the clean and charming style of natural stones.

    • Crystal : Kyanite
    • Material of the Earrings Silver Sterling
    • Color: White
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Kyanite Earrings : Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
    • Earring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market

    Kyanite earrings will give you better communication and creativity. They promote the healing of fractures and physical trauma. In addition to being one of the most beautiful crystals to wear in chic earrings


    Virtues of the Kyanite Stud Earrings

    Mental virtues of the Kyanite Stud Earrings

    • It reduces stress and anxiety
    • It increases self-confidence
    • It promotes restful sleep
    • It develops the capacities of intuition
    • It encourages communication but also creativity
    • To amplify the energies and the spiritual force
    • It has a strong calming power and it facilitates the energetic balance after traumas, fears of the past or after spiritual troubles

    Physical virtues of the Kyanite Stud Earrings

    • To act by purifying the organism and by bringing a balance
    • It helps to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria
    • It facilitates the regulation of blood pressure
    • It contributes to the reproduction of cells and thus promotes the healing of fractures or physical trauma


    Chakra Corresponding to the Kyanite Stud Earrings

    • Front Chakra


    Maintenance of the Kyanite Stud Earrings

    • Purification: To purify the trapeze pendant, you can immerse it in distilled salt water for a few hours.
    • Recharging: This trapezoid pendant is recharged by the full moon. You can put it all night on a mass of quartz.