Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

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  • Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

    Wear this aventurine necklace to fight shyness and bring you more happiness and spontaneity. With the elegance brought for you by your designers on our latest collection.

    • Crystal : Aventurine
    • Material of the Necklace : Rope
    • Color: Green
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Aventurine necklace : Libra, Cancer and Taurus
    • Necklace and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Necklace : Adjustable (20-45 Inch)
    • Size of the pendant : It depends on the crystal
    • Size of the Crystal : all crystals have a different size because they are raw crystal
    • box not included

    The aventurine necklace brings many benefits like attracting success and chasing away negative feelings. It is also one of the stones which allows to reinforce its knowledge of oneself.


    Virtues of the Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

    Mental virtues of the Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

    • Fight against shyness.
    • Drive out negative feelings.
    • Bring happiness and spontaneity.
    • To attract success and achievement.
    • To guide the wearer towards the best path for him/her.
    • Reinforce self-knowledge.
    • Reconcile body and mind.
    • Focus on the present moment.
    • To boost mental faculties.

    Physical virtues of the Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

    • For children to calm night-time anxiety and reduce hyperactivity.
    • For teenagers to fight against acne and mood changes.
    • For the elderly to reinforce the solidity of the bones.


    Chakra Corresponding to the Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

    • Heart Chakra


    Maintenance of the Green Aventurine Stone Necklace

    So that it can find its benefits, it is important to purify it every week by placing it on a Quartz or an Amethyst in the daylight.

    • Avoid imperatively the direct exposure to the sun.
    • Prefer the morning sun or place it behind a glass.