Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

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  • Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

    Wearing a green aventurine ring gives you elegance and many benefits like developing self-knowledge and accentuating optimism.

    • Crystal : Aventurine
    • Material of the Ring : Steel
    • Color: Green
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Green Aventurine Ring : Cancer, Libra, Taurus
    • Ring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market

    • Size of the Ring : Adjustable

    An aventurine ring gives you inner peace and an exceptional anti-stress effect. It will also help balance all the chakras and strengthen the creative spirit.


    Virtues of the Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

    Mental virtues of the Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

    • Develop self-awareness and increase optimism
    • In case of nervousness or anger, it temporizes its holder, gives him cold blood and gives him inner peace.
    • An exceptional anti-stress effect
    • Reinforces the creative spirit, the determination and blocks the negative emotions
    • Contributes to find the good mood
    • Useful to calm the too agitated children

    Physical virtues of the Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

    • Corrects skin, heart and liver problems and lowers cholesterol levels
    • Promotes the proper functioning of the urogenital system, relaxes the muscles and relieves aches and pains
    • Regulates blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure
    • Soothes headaches, visual disorders and accelerates cell regeneration
    • Reduces and gradually eliminates nausea and pain related to pregnancy
    • Calms teething pains in children
    • Stimulates their growth.

    Chakra Corresponding to the Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

    • Heart Chakra 
    • 4th Chakra

    Maintenance of the Green Aventurine Crystal Ring

    After a certain time of use, the stone having lost its energy, must be recharged. To do this, it must be immersed for hours in demineralized water, preferably salted, and then dried in the sun or charged in natural light.