Crystal Ring Rose Quartz

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  • Crystal Rings Rose Quartz

    Wear this Rose Quartz Ring to bring your style the elegance you deserve and bring the power of quartz stone to your life. 

    • Crystal : Rose Quartz
    • Material of the Ring : Steel
    • Color: Pink
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Rose Quartz Ring : taurus, cancer, virgo, libra and capricorn 
    • Ring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Ring : Adjustable

    The rose quartz ring symbolizes love, peace, and tenderness. It brings benefits to your daily life that will help you to free yourself from the sorrows of love and repair its emotional wounds. And will bring you tranquility, calm and serenity.


    Virtues of the Crystal Ring Rose Quartz

    Mental virtues of the Crystal Ring Rose Quartz

    • Symbolizes love, peace, and tenderness
    • Frees from heartache and repairs emotional wounds
    • Brings tranquility, calm and serenity
    • Allows to overcome the traumas linked to the rejection or the lack of affection
    • Helps to dominate any negative feeling such as jealousy, anxiety, lack of confidence and helps to develop empathy, self-esteem
    • Keeps nightmares away

    Physical virtues of the Crystal Ring Rose Quartz

    • Facilitates the healing of wounds and superficial lesions caused by fire and blisters
    • Acts particularly on the heart by attenuating palpitations and fighting against the Disorders related to the heart
    • Avoids headaches, dizziness and sleep disorders
    • Protects from problems related to blood pressure

    Chakra Corresponding to the Crystal Ring Rose Quartz

    • Heart Chakra 

    Maintenance of the Crystal Ring Rose Quartz

    • After a long use, it is essential to clean it in order to continue to benefit from its virtues. It is then necessary to plunge it in water containing salt or clay and then to recharge it with the moon on rock crystal.