Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

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  • Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

    Wear this aquamarine bracelet that will make it easier for you to feel good and enjoy your own well-being. All this while giving your outfit a unique and natural touch.

    • Crystal : Aquamarine
    • Color: Blue
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Aquamarine bracelets : Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces and Libra
    • Necklace and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the beads : 0,3 Inch
    • Box not included

    An aquamarine bracelet gives an energy that makes you feel better, it will also nourish creativity and inspiration in the artistic field. Especially in innovation and open-mindedness. The aquamarine crystal bracelets gives more ease to speak in public and increases tenfold the oratory faculties


    Virtues of the Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

    Mental virtues of the Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

    • Helps with public speaking by increasing oratory skills
    • Promotes well-being and calms the mind
    • Nourishes the inspiration of artists
    • Sharpens open-mindedness
    • Increases the capacity to innovate
    • Develops sensitivity and increases expressive abilities
    • Helps to apprehend the future with a more enthusiastic temperament.

    Physical virtues of the Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Combats physical fatigue.
    • Alleviates dental and eye pain
    • Promotes a better cardiac activity
    • Allows a restructuring of the chakras
    • Positively affects the respiratory tract
    • Contributes to overcome certain affections classified ORL


    Chakra Corresponding to the Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

    • The 5th chakra, that of the throat, also called Vishuddha. 


    Maintenance of the Blue Aquamarine Bracelet

    • The aquamarine bracelet is purified in distilled salt water
    • This bracelet is recharged on a quartz cluster in full sunlight