Black Agate Stone Ring

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  • Black Agate Stone Ring

    The Agate Ring brings to your everyday life the elegance of natural stone on a jewel with the glamour of red. While bringing all the benefits of the agate stone.

    • Crystal : Agate
    • Material of the Ring : Steel
    • Color: Black
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Agate Ring : Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio and Leo
    • Ring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Ring : Adjustable

    The agate ring brings virtues to the daily life of the person who wears it. These virtues will bring you luck, serenity and self-confidence. Calm anxiety and fears and harmonize your ying and yang.


    Virtues of the Black Agate Stone Ring

    Mental virtues of the Black Agate Stone Ring

    • Brings luck and boosting self-confidence
    • Brings serenity and inner calm, by erasing in particular the feelings related to anger.
    • Calms the anxieties and the fears, and thus creates a feeling of safety.
    • Stabilizes the emotional and intellectual levels
    • Harmonizes yin and yang
    • Increases intuition, clairvoyance, concentration, and promotes contemplation
    • Disperses negative energies.

    Physical virtues of the Black Agate Stone Ring

    • Strengthens the body's energy and positivity
    • Protects from danger
    • Fights muscular pains, headaches as well as eye and ear problems
    • Fights anger and brings a feeling of calmness
    • Helps to avoid many physical problems 

    Chakra Corresponding to the Black Agate Stone Ring

    • Heart Chakra 

    Maintenance of the Black Agate Stone Ring

    • To purify it, immerse it in distilled water and wipe it well
    • To recharge it, it is necessary to install it on a mass of quartz, in full sun.