Amazonite Stone Ring

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  • Amazonite Stone Ring

    Change your daily life by wearing this Ring in amazonite by bringing tenderness, sincerity of exchanges and softness in your daily life.

    • Crystal : Amazonite
    • Material of the Ring : Steel
    • Color: Blue
    • Easy to Wear

    • Astrological sign corresponding to Amazonite Ring : taurus, cancer, virgo, libra and capricorn 
    • Ring and crystal chosen designed with the best quality existing on the market
    • Size of the Ring : Adjustable

    An Amazonite Ring gives you the strength to push away harmful thoughts and worries or any issues that make you feel bad. It also allows you to better understand the feelings of others.


    Virtues of the Amazonite Stone Ring

    Mental virtues of the Amazonite Stone Ring

    • Tenderness, sincerity of exchanges and softness are brought
    • Harmful thoughts are removed
    • Emotional concerns are removed
    • Sense of frustration and understanding of feelings are brought
    • Perceptions of sentimental sincerity are established.
    • Serenity is established

    Physical virtues of the Amazonite Stone Ring

    • The fight against sadness is promoted
    • The disorders related to the kidneys, cholesterol, liver and triglyceride are relieved
    • The fight against bone fragility and cavities is promoted
    • Cramps are relieved
    • Strong emotionality and sexual deficiencies are regulated
    • The lymphatic, respiratory and immune systems are strengthened
    • Skin irritations, blisters and pimples are soothed
    • Dysfunctions related to sexuality
    • Electromagnetic, electrostatic and microwave waves are absorbed
    • Calcium absorption is promoted

    Chakra Corresponding to the Amazonite Stone Ring

    • Heart 
    • Throat 

    Maintenance of the Amazonite Stone Ring

    • Amazonite is purified in unsalted distilled water
    • It is recharged on a quartz cluster (if possible) in full sunlight
    • This stone needs very little purification. On the other hand, amazonite needs to be recharged very often because it discharges very quickly