Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tigers Eye Bracelet

History and origin of the Tiger's eye

Many myths and legends exist around the tiger's eye. In the time of the Roman Empire, warriors wore this stone as an amulet for courage, strength and protection. In the Middle Ages, the tiger's eye chased away black magic and protected against evil spells. It was in the 19th century that the first deposits of this stone were discovered in South Africa. Thinking that this stone was very rare, it was sold at the price of precious stones and was very expensive. A century later, after the discovery of other deposits in North Africa, tiger's eye became a semi-precious stone. Its colors range from golden to brown, similar to the eye of the feline.

Nowadays, the tiger's eye adorns many pieces of jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, rings. But it also exists in raw stone, to keep on oneself or at home, to protect its home.

Composition of the stone Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye belongs to the quartzite family and is composed of silicon dioxide. It is composed of quartz, amphibole - a form of asbestos not dangerous in the form of stone - and hematite. It is a mineral derived from crocidolite, formed from Amosite. Its chemical composition is SiO2, silicon oxide. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is 7 and its density is 2.68. Tiger's eye can be translucent or opaque.


Properties and physical benefits of Tiger Eye Bracelet

This protective stone bracelet has many effects on the health of the body. Linked to earth and stability, it contributes to the good health of joints in the legs. It is particularly beneficial for knee problems and promotes mobility. In crystal jewelry, it helps to reduce headaches.

By acting on the gastric acidity, the eye of tiger bracelet helps to fight against the difficult digestions. The negative and stressful emotions influence the intestinal transit. But the eye of tiger regulates the glands necessary to its good functioning and facilitates digestion.

By relaxing the diaphragm, this stone helps to reduce respiratory problems, especially asthma. Its energies stabilize hypertension and reduce blood pressure.

Properties and psychic benefits of Tiger Eye Bracelet

In lithotherapy, tiger's eye is used as a protector against bad luck and negative influences. The stone acts as a shield to negative ideas, and sends them back like a boomerang to its transmitter.

Worn in Tiger Eye jewelry, but also used as a rough stone, this mineral promotes good vibes and helps creativity. The eye of tiger helps to make the difference between the emotions of the others and its own emotions. It accompanies in the search of oneself, and brings courage and audacity. Tiger's eye bracelet strengthens self-confidence by reducing fears and lowering our emotional barriers. Thus, the friendly and love relationships are more harmonious.

The tiger eye bracelet is associated with the sun. It is a star that symbolizes self-confidence, generosity and ambition.

Mens Tiger Eye Bracelet

What is the power of the Tiger eye bracelet?

Its relatively low price makes tiger's eye one of the most used stones in lithotherapy. As a tiger eye bracelet, the stone acts as a shield against all negativity. Even when placed on the wrist, the tiger's eye acts on the whole body. It solicits the 3rd chakra of the solar plexus which regulates emotions and is also associated with the root chakra, located at the bottom of the spine. This chakra is the basis of life and health of the body. Finally, the tiger's eye acts on the third eye chakra, the center of our mind and on our sacral chakra, which acts on self-esteem and creativity.

Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning

With which astrological sign is associated the Tiger Eye Bracelet ?

In astrology, the eye of the tiger is very frequently associated with the sign of Aries. This sign, known for its fieriness and passion, needs a protective stone such as tiger's eye. Aries are always looking for adventure, and tiger's eye, being the stone of warriors par excellence, fits them like a glove.

If you are an Aries, you may want to complement your stone accompaniment with a more soothing stone, such as moonstone or citrine.


What chakra is tiger's eye bracelet associated with?

Tiger's eye bracelet is a powerful stone that acts on several chakras. It allows a balance of the chakras and helps you in your practice of meditation or yoga for example. Tiger's eye has effects on the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the root chakra and the 3rd eye chakra.

Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

What stones to associate with the tiger's eye bracelet?

All stones do not vibrate in the same way, and do not have the same benefits. Their energies can even be in opposition: some stones stimulate while others soothe. This is why it is important to know your stone well before associating it.

Tiger's eye is a protective stone, so it can be associated with black tourmaline, Labradorite or Obsidian. Their vibrations promote a healthy flow of energy in your body and mind.

Wearing stones bracelet that act on the same chakras can enhance their benefits. Tiger's eye can be associated with Amber, as both act on the sacral chakra (second) and on the third chakra, the solar plexus. In addition, the Tiger Eye and Amber are stones with similar warm colors. Their energizing virtues will therefore be amplified if they are worn together.

How to clean and recharge the Tiger Eye bracelet?

The stones are like plants, we must take care of them not to let them die. The eye of tiger being part of the family of Quartz, it is important to recharge it in energy and to purify it regularly.