Crystal Rings

Crystal Rings

Natural Crystal Rings and their Virtues

The natural stone ring is the jewel that never goes out of fashion with time. Whether it is a gold, silver or a fancy ring, rings set with precious or semi-precious stones always make women very happy.

We like to wear stone rings for their aesthetics, but not only. Nowadays, the trend towards well-being, personal development and alternative medicine has brought lithotherapy back into fashion, this science of the benefits and virtues of stones.
Wearing a natural stone ring can indeed bring you good energies if you wear it regularly. Here are some advices to choose your ring.

Stone Ring

What style of stone ring to choose?

Natural stones are mounted on many jewelry materials. Depending on your style or budget, you can choose different rings. From the gold ring with a solitaire diamond to the silver ring with a moonstone, or the large ethnic ring with a turquoise stone, there is something for everyone when it comes to natural stone rings.

Mens Crystal Rings

Natural stone rings in silver

Whether they are in silver metal, silver plated or 925 silver, these rings are very beautiful mounted with semi-precious stones. In all sizes and styles, these silver rings set with real stones are very popular jewelry.

They are affordable and the stones are highlighted on this precious metal.
You can find the Crystal silver ring of your dreams mounted with a cabochon stone (the stone is rounded and polished), as well as a faceted stone (the stone is cut).

Men's stone rings

Men also like to wear rings with stones. For them, silver rings are ideal. The classic signet ring can be set with a stone, but also some more fancy rings can be suitable for men.

The stones most often used are onyx (black stone), labradorite (gray), lapis lazuli (blue), the eye of tiger (brown) or even turquoise.
A man will wear a cabochon or rough stone for a more masculine style.

Raw Crystal Rings

To know the virtues of natural stones

Stones all have energetic properties, so you can benefit from them by wearing them on a ring or a piece of jewelry.
Be aware that the stone will be more effective if it touches your skin directly. It is therefore advisable to wear a ring that is open at the level of the stone, in order to let the stone make contact with your hand.

You can wear several stone rings at the same time, but there are certain stones that go together better than others, energetically speaking.

Did you know that? Wearing a ring is not harmless! Indeed your personality can be revealed according to the finger that will wear your ring. There is a symbolism of wearing rings, we talk about it in our blog article.

For those who are interested in symbolic jewelry, do you know our Tree of Life rings and their symbolism? See our article on this subject!

The color of the crystal ring is important

Natural stones can first be classified by families according to their color shades.

Black Crystal ring: these are stones that are related to the earth, to matter, to the concrete. These stones help us to anchor ourselves better, to master our physical body and everything that touches our material life.

Red and orange crystal ring: they bring us vitality, energy. They are the stones of the 1st and 2nd chakra. They help the good circulation of our fluids and vital energies

Yellow stones: these stones are related to our solar plexus, our inner fire, our emotions and our relationship with the outside world.

Green crystal ring: these are the stones of the heart chakra. We are here in the emotional dimension, in the feelings of love and unconditional love of self and others.

Blue and violet stones: these stones are related to the higher chakras. One touches here the field of the spiritual, the intuition, the feeling.

The benefits of the stones of our rings

There are many different stones, each more beautiful than the other. Silver jewelry and rings are made of semi-precious stones, and some stones are more appreciated than others.

We present here the main stone rings that you can find in our online store. It's up to you to make your choice!

Tiger Eye Crystal Ring

The tiger eye rings are the jewelry to protect you from the evil eye, negative energies of outsiders and spells. The tiger eye is a stone that brings you strength and courage. Tiger eye is also beneficial for vision problems. Tiger eye rings are suitable for men or women

Moonstone Ring

Moonstones are essentially stones reserved for women. Wearing a moonstone ring helps women in their monthly cycles, it soothes, develops intuition and feminine qualities, such as gentleness, listening, sensitivity. It helps with married life, sexuality and fertility. Moonstone rings are a great value if you want to offer a jewel to a woman.

Labradorite Stone Ring

Labradorite is a stone of protection against negative energies that you may feel in your surroundings. A labradorite ring will be a powerful energy shield. It is also a stone that helps creativity and inspiration. It allows a greater openness of mind with the world.
The labradorite ring is also an easy ring for a man to wear.

Turquoise stone ring

Turquoise is renowned for its healing and purifying properties. It absorbs the negative and rebalances our energies to help us heal certain ailments.
Turquoise is a stone that promotes communication and friendship. It is also a stone of temperance and wisdom, it helps us to better control our emotions.
Turquoise crystal rings are appreciated by both men and women

Carnelian Crystal Ring

Wearing a Carnelian Crystal Ring brings us vitality and enthusiasm. It is a stone of dynamism that helps to unblock our blocks and fears.
It is also the stone of the 2nd chakra, it favors the sexual life of the woman or the man

Ring lapis lazuli Crystal

It is the stone ring of kings, because the lapis lazuli is considered a stone of wisdom. It helps us to see clearly and make the right decisions. It amplifies our intuition and guides us on the path of life.

Wearing a lapis lazuli ring helps you calm your mind, as well as your body inflammations.

Black Onyx Stone Ring

Onyx is a stone of rooting to the earth, it helps you to deal with the concrete, the worries of the material. It gives us confidence and assurance. It stabilizes us if we are scattered.

Wearing an onyx ring reduces tinnitus and protects from electromagnetic waves.
Men's ring also available with this stone

Amethyst Stone Ring

The amethyst is a stone of spirituality, it opens the third eye and helps people on their spiritual path. It purifies our thoughts and emotions to elevate us.
Wearing an amethyst ring also relieves headaches and soothes us.

Malachite stone ring

Malachite absorbs negative energy. It is very good for rheumatism or headaches. It is also a stone that helps to release blockages and helps us to see more clearly in our life and our surroundings. A malachite ring always looks very nice, its color is very beautiful virtues malachite crystal ring.

Rings with Crystals

Garnet stone ring

Garnet is a stone that energizes, it is very good for blood circulation. It helps in case of nervous breakdown and gives strength and courage.

Wearing a garnet ring is also a stimulator of your sexual vitality

Rose quartz stone ring

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and unconditional love. Wearing a bracelet with this stone brings you gentleness, kindness. It helps you to love yourself and others?

We are talking about unconditional love.

A rose quartz ring is a very feminine piece of jewelry and a great gift idea for a young girl or woman.

Other Crystals : 

There are many other stone rings, you can find them in our store with their corresponding properties. We can not list all the stones, it would be too long.
The stones, mounted on a fine ring or on a big ethnic ring, all have their symbolism for our greatest pleasure!

Our other stone jewelry

If you like our stone rings, our store also offers many other Crystal jewelry.

Crystal bracelets and Crystal earrings can be worn with the ring you choose.

So all you have to do is make your choice! And one last tip: choose the stone with your heart! Don't think too much, choose the stone that attracts you, the one you saw first in a collection is often the one that corresponds to us at that moment!

Here are some stone earrings to match your rings:

Natural stone earrings

And here some moonstone jewelry, the stone you all love!

For those who love stones alone, we make our Crystal bracelets and Crytal necklaces. It's up to you to choose the stones that suit you and make your choice!