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Keychain Crystal

A keychain is a small, lightweight piece of jewelry that is attached to a person's key ring. There are many different types of keychains, including crystal, carnelian, jade, and amethyst. Each has its own unique features and benefits that make it the perfect accessory for any individual. Crystal Keychains are especially popular because they're very clear and sparkly.

They also make great additions to any outfit because they look sophisticated yet low-key.If you're looking for a keychain that will make a statement, then consider choosing an amethyst keychain. These stones are known for being very powerful and have the ability to bring good luck and prosperity. Other great choices include crystal keychains made from different colors of jade, such as green or blue jade.

If you're drawn to darker colors, opting for a black or brown carnelian crystal keychain is sure to turn heads. And if you want something unique but don't particularly care about what people think of your style, go with a moonstone or emarald crystal keychain! They come in all sorts of wild and beautiful shades that can be tough to resist.

Crystal Keychains

Through this collection of key door in natural stone, discover and and take full advantage of all the virtues of lithotherapy stones. Symbol of life, happiness, protection, confidence or anchoring, the semi-precious stone will be your ally in everyday life. In this form, your natural stone key ring will be able to accompany you everywhere by being hanging on your keys or as a jewel in your bag.

On the The Crystal House, find a selection of keychain , with with the heart and in an energy of happiness. Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Tiger Eye Amethyst, Lapis-Lazuli, there is something for everyone! Make yourself yourself and choose the stone that most resonates with you, with your heart.

Moonstone Keychain

You know it as well as we do: silver and moonstone keychains are a perfect match. At The Crystal House™, we work every day to bring you crystal jewelry that you and your loved ones will love. That's why our catalog is always growing, and regularly features new earrings. Our moonstones are of course genuine and natural. Most of them come from Sri Lanka, a country very famous for these gemstones.

Each Keychain is Unique

Just take a look at our catalog to realize the variety of choices. Whether you are a jewelry lover or a lithotherapy expert, you are sure to find something to your liking! We offer two types of moonstone keychains: dangling or chip. Generally, only our smallest jewels hold thanks to a chip attachment. Anyway, we wish you an excellent visit and a lot of happiness. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Keychain with Unprecedented Benefits

You should also know that moonstone offers excellent virtues. To miss them would be a great loss! As a reminder, the main benefits are: soothing, relaxation, fertility, better intuition, more sensitivity and tolerance and less stress. The moonstone also promotes premonitory dreams.

It is the stone of femininity. Wearing it as earrings is a brilliant idea that will make you sparkle! This mineral also helps with pregnancy, and is easily recharged. Wearing moonstone Keychain is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of moonstone while looking your best. Our keychain is made of 100% natural stones, so falling for them can only be a good idea!

Crystal Heart Keychain

Natural stones are little jewels that nature offers us. These minerals are there to envelop us with positive energy and to allow us to see life as brightly as possible. In jewelry, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, keychains or simply in rolled stones, wear your natural stone as you prefer.

On the The Crystal House store, there are stones for all tastes: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Lapis, Bull's Eye, Rock Crystal. You will find the crystal you like for sure. Make the choice of a key ring, a natural stone, which reasons in the depths of your heart and according to the stage of life in which you are.

This stone will not be a miracle, but it will help you find the key to move forward and find happiness. You can see this natural stone keychain as a good luck charm or a little wink from nature.

Healing Crystal Keychain

The natural stone keychain is an original way to combine the benefits of lithotherapy, the useful and the pleasant. Hanging on your crystal keys, or on your bag, this stone key ring will be your jewel of positive energy and protection.

On the store, you can find stone keychains in two different forms of which a handmade selection. Some are made of metal, others of silver or steel, all to hold the stone of different size or to assemble the natural beads. When you receive your natural crystal keychain (or purse jewel), you will find a card with the benefits and maintenance methods of the stone.

You can also find the list of the material of purification and recharging of stones on the store. For all the items in the store (jewelry, bracelets, pendants, rolled stones) you will receive this card