Crystal Earrings

The crystal house offers silver earrings with natural stones. These silver stone earrings combine the finesse of silver work and the colors and virtues of stones. You can find all the most beautiful semi precious stones on our earrings or our studs. It's up to you to choose the stone earring of your dreams!

 Earrings with Crystals

Natural and semi precious stones earrings

Our silver earrings are made in small workshops in Rajasthan, India. It is an artisanal work, which goes from the size of the stone to the polishing of the silver.
The models of earrings are original, the stones chosen with care. In India the jewels are not manufactured by machine. Behind each earring is hidden the work of a man, this is what gives all its value to the earring.

The earrings are worked, chiseled, engraved, hammered. They all have their personality.

Silver earrings have different styles depending on the size of the stone. If you like classic and elegant earrings, a faceted stone will look great. For example, citrine, peridot and blue topaz are often faceted, which amplifies their brilliance and sparkle.
If on the other hand you prefer ethnic earrings, handmade or easier to wear every day, cabochon stones are more suitable. A cabochon stone is cut in a smooth and rounded shape.

 Crystal Drop Earrings

Cabochon stone earring

Silver jewelry will have different styles if it is set with cabochon cut stones or faceted stones.

For a more ethnic, natural, bohemian style, the silver earrings will be set with cabochon cut stones. The stone will be polished, soft and rounded. Most of our earrings are with stones cut in this way.
You can find silver earrings with moonstones, turquoise, carnelian...and many others.
Cabochon stones can be large and most semi-precious stones are worked in this way.

Cut stone earrings

For some semi precious and precious stones, the cut will be faceted, to play with the reflections and light. The earrings and silver jewelry mounted with faceted stones are more classic and more precious.
Some stones will be worked mostly in this way, such as Peridot, Citrine, Garnet, Quartz ... They will be more beautiful with this size and will better reflect the light.

We offer in our store earrings or studs with stones cut in Citrine, Peridot, Garnet ... but also Carnelian, Ruby, Labradorite ...

Silver and stone chip earrings

We have in our collections of silver and stone earrings a very large choice of ear studs of various shapes, mounted with semi precious stones. Easy to wear, alone or as a second hole, the earring comes in many colors of stones to match your outfit of the moment. With a mini price tag, you can change them often!

The natural stone earring is a simple and discreet piece of jewelry that can make all the difference in a look.

Crystal Dangle Earrings 

The silver moonstone earring

This is your favorite earring, it represents femininity and women love it. If you want to give a gift to a woman, the silver moonstone earring is a sure bet.
We offer them in all shapes and sizes and at all prices. The moonstone is a stone of sweetness that promotes fertility and relationships.


The green stone earring in silver

The green stones mounted on silver earrings are numerous, such as malachite, green agate, Indian emerald. But also you can find green stones in peridot, jade or aventurine

Virtues of the green stones of our earrings: We are here in the emotional dimension, in the feelings of love and unconditional Love of oneself and others. The green stone is the stone of the heart.


The blue stone earring

There are very beautiful blue stones mounted on silver earrings, for example lapis lazuli, blue agate, topaz, turquoise or chalcedony. These stones are mounted in cabochon or they are cut.

Virtues of the blue stones of our earrings: these stones are related to the higher chakras. We touch here the field of the spiritual, the intuition, the feeling. They are stones that improve intuition, that help meditation and to have a greater clarity of mind.

Stone Earrings

Virtues of the natural stones of our earrings

You will find many other stones on our silver earrings, such as carnelian, citrine, labradorite, onyx and many others. Here are the main virtues of the other stones of our earrings, according to their color:

Virtues of the black stones of our earrings: these black stones are related to the earth, the matter, the concrete. They help us to anchor ourselves better, to master our physical body and everything that touches our material life.

Virtues of the red and orange stones of our earrings: they bring us vitality, energy. These stones help us to the good circulation of our fluids and vital energies, they are energizing and vivifying.

Virtues of the yellow stones of our earrings: the yellow stones are in relation with our solar plexus, our inner fire, our emotions and our relationship with the outside world.

We have summarized all this in a small guide on the virtues of natural stones in our earrings


How to clean your silver stone earrings

Silver is a material that does not move but it will tarnish if you do not wear it. However, you can make it shine again easily by following our tips listed in our article on silver jewelry care.

The easiest way is to soak your earrings in white vinegar or cola, rinse them with water and then dry them well. However, be careful with stones, some are more fragile than others. Do not put them in contact with detergents and not in the sun either.

You can then purify your stones by soaking them in salt water. To recharge the stones, it is good to place your jewel outside on full moon nights.

Our store offers you a large choice of earrings with real stones, it's up to you to choose yours!