Crystal Bracelets

Bracelet Crystal

Lithotherapy is the treatment with stones and crystals. Each stone emits its own vibration and resonates with your body and mind, providing specific benefits.

To take advantage of the virtues of crystal bracelet, you can place them in a place where you spend a lot of time (in your room for example), carry them with you (in your pocket for example), or transform them into jewelry to have them with you at all times.

Healing Crystal Bracelets 

Aquamarine Bracelet is a translucent blue-green crystal, which lends itself very well to a bracelet because it can be worn with all types of clothing. Associated with the sea (in ancient times it was used to protect sailors) but also with the chakras of the neck and throat, it has several virtues:

not only does it calm seasickness, but it also has a positive influence on the respiratory system, especially in cases of respiratory tract infection, and calms osteoarthritis of the neck.

It also helps to calm skin allergies (eczema, psoriasis, acne) and anxiety. On the moral level, it is advised in case of oral exams since it favors concentration and communication, but also listening to others.

Obsidian, a magnificent semi-precious crystal bracelet of black color (due to its volcanic origin), is of the most beautiful effect in bracelet. It is recognized as the stone of wisdom and protection, as it helps to ward off the evil eye and negative influences on the mental plane.

It also helps to temper strong characters and keep negative things away from each of you. On the physical level, it has a detoxifying power: decrease of the pains of arthritis and rheumatism, healing, fluidification of the blood circulation...

Stone Bracelet

How to choose a  stone bracelet ?

In order for you to benefit from all the advantages of a stone, you must know how to choose it correctly! At The Crystal House, all stones are carefully chosen to be of the best quality. We take pictures of the stones ourselves in order to help you in your choice of crystals bracelets according to the level of quality you are looking for.

Generally speaking, choosing a crystal is not that complicated! There are several criteria to take into account: the quality of the stone of course, but also your intuition (the benefits will be more important if you resonate with the stone!), the virtues of the stones and the Crystal Theme. Here is a little reminder of each of these criteria.

Choose your crystal bracelet according to your intuition

To choose your crystal bracelet, you must listen to your body and your mind. If you feel an attraction for a stone, whether it is for its color or its shape, if it soothes you and creates emotion and a certain alchemy, then it is the right stone.

Gemstone Bracelet

Choose your gemstone bracelet according to its virtues

As we have explained, each stone has its own virtues: it is up to you to choose the stone that will best meet your expectations, the one that will solve your specific problem, whether it is physical or mental.

For example, if you want to strengthen your creativity, you can choose aventurine bracelet, while if you want to gain confidence in yourself and in the people around you, you should choose tiger's eye.

Choose your crystal bracelet according to your life path

The life path associates you with 8 stones according to your name, first name and date of birth. Each of these 8 stones will translate a trait of your personality: you can directly ask us for the stones of your life path corresponding to the personality trait you wish to act on! For this, contact us.

Why is it important to purify and recharge your stone?

It is important to know that once you have acquired a stone or a bracelet made of crystals, you will have to maintain it so that the stone keeps its energy !

Indeed, crystals are by definition stones that come from nature, where they benefit from multiple sources of natural energy to recharge.

Outside of nature, they rely on you to regain their power! To refurbish your stone, there are two crucial steps to take into account: purification and recharging.

Purifying your crystal bracelet

Purification of crystals consists in cleaning them, to remove all the negative energies they may have absorbed (most of them coming from you, but also from the environment and others). In general, it is known that a stone should be purified when it has become dull: purification will give it back its brilliance, color and vivacity.

The first step, if your stone is dusty, is to clean it with a very soft brush such as a paintbrush or makeup brush. It is recommended to dust the stone regularly.

Next, you need to thoroughly clean your crystal bracelet to purify it completely. The methods of purification vary: you must be careful to adapt it to your stone so as not to destroy it.

There are 8 main methods of purification for a Crystal Bracelet:

Running water: put the stone under running water for a few minutes or more if it

has not been used for a long time;

Sunlight: expose your stone to sunlight (keep it under supervision as some stones can cause a fire);

Moonlight: expose your stone to moonlight, preferably during the full or new moon;

Fumigation: purify your stone with incense, sage or sandalwood smoke;

Earth: bury your stone under the earth for 1 to 2 weeks, or for a full lunar cycle; 

Crystal: place your stone on a crystal aggregate (quartz, geode...)

Sound: purify your stone by singing or by the sound of bells, drums or Tibetan symbols;


Recharge your crystal bracelet

When you use your crystal, for example when you wear your crystal bracelet, it is as if you were "pumping" its energy, so you will have to recharge it to continue to benefit from its virtues!

As the purification, the method chosen will depend on your stone.

There are 4 methods to recharge your semi-precious stone:

The sun: expose your crystal to the sun for a few hours;

The moon: if it is a lunar stone, expose it to the light of the moon, preferably during the

new moon or the full moon; 

The crystal: recharge your stone by placing it on a mass of rock crystal (or other crystal such as quartz or geode);

Fire: expose your stone to the heat of the fire (be careful not to put it in the fire!) 

You now know how to care for your crystal bracelet, all you have to do is choose from our wide range of crystal bracelets of all sizes, and you will be able to benefit from the soothing virtues of stones over time!