Crystal Anklet

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Want to stand out this summer? Dare to wear one of our crystal anklets and offer yourself a freshness, a lightness and an elegance without measure! In natural turquoise, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger's eye, onyx, moonstone or aquamarine, a wide range of colors is available to you and will satisfy your desire for fantasy to enhance your sexy summer outfits, barefoot in the sand, over your favorite sneakers, or to raise the last little sandals you have offered yourself!

The ankle chain, the jewel that enhances your feet!
Particularly popular with women in summer, the ankle chain is the ideal jewel to highlight the feet. Discover our most beautiful models of foot jewelry. There is something for everyone! Whether it's made of carnelian, silver or jade, your future ankle chain will have been designed from high quality materials, selected with the utmost care by our team of experts. Our goal? That you can keep your jewel for a long time.

Accessible to all budgets, our different models are available online or in our different points of sale. You will certainly find the crystal anklet you need...whether it is for you, to spoil someone you know or simply for a successful birthday gift!

healing crystal anklets

Both discreet and glamorous, anklets are making a comeback in fashion. These Crystal bracelets take on multiple appearances, are made of many materials and offer very different looks from each other. Thus, these jewels adorn the feet of girls, women and even men. But where does the habit of wearing this ornament come from? Does it have a meaning?

Crystal Ankle Jewelry: distant origins

Wearing a crystal chain on the ankle is a habit that dates back to ancient Egypt. Ornaments consisting of anklets adorned with precious stones and toe rings have been found on many archaeological sites. In India, wearing crystal jewelry on the feet is a firmly rooted habit, mainly among women. In Asia as in Africa, anklets are common: they adorn the feet of dancers and accompany them with the tinkling of their charms, they complement the ceremonial dress, they serve as a sign of belonging to a tribe or a community ...

It is at the end of the 20th century that the West, starting with the United States, adopts this stone jewelry. In the 90s, anklets are at all feet. And since then, they have not really left the crystal jewelry boxes.

What does an ankle bracelet mean?

There are many meanings to wearing a crystal anklet. For example, it is adopted as a sign of belonging to a group. In the last century in the West, a woman who wore such an ornament was considered to be "available", even if she was wearing a wedding ring. Nowadays, an anklet has no particular significance, except that it denotes a certain attention to style and appearance. In any case, it still has a certain sensual dimension.

What does a right ankle stone bracelet mean?

As with the wearing of an earring for men, it has long been claimed that the choice of ankle for a chain reflects the sexual preferences of the wearer. While this tradition is certainly still in vogue in some places, it should be stated that there is no hidden meaning in wearing a chain on the right or left ankle. Generally speaking, if we wear this jewel most often on the right, it is because we are mostly right-handed and it is therefore more natural to wear it on this side. Moreover, women are now used to multiplying the ornaments, wearing one type of chain on the right side and several others on the left. The stone anklet translates in the end a simple desire: to feel beautiful and, why not, original.

Anklets with Crystals

On which ankle should I wear a bracelet?

The right ankle is often naturally preferred by right-handed women. But it is quite possible to change the side as you wish. Our two ankles are generally not of the same thickness; the crystal bracelet will be more comfortable on the thinner side. Some surfers prefer to wear their bracelets on the foot that they first put in the water. It's up to you to decide which ankle you prefer to wear your stone jewelry on. And if you can't decide, alternate ankles or wear stone jewelry on each one.

How to choose and wear an ankle chain?

There are many rock anklets to choose from. Depending on your desires, you can opt for a soft chain that falls nicely on the foot or for a rigid bracelet that highlights the joint. The models also offer very different designs and materials. In gold or silver, with charms, tassels, feathers, shells or pearls, in plastic, nylon or leather, sober or colored, thin or wide...: your stone bracelet adapts to your desires and your budget. You can wear it alone or in pairs, like earrings. Ankle chains are also multiplying, following the fashion of stacking, or accumulation of jewelry.

Generally, it is in summer that women wear their anklets. Indeed, when the legs are uncovered, these crystal jewels are visible and magnified. They are of the most beautiful effect as well with a pair of low-cut pumps as with barefoot or sneakers. Ankle jewelry, on the other hand, will be more difficult to wear with high heels or strappy sandals. If you wear them, also be careful with your tights, which could be damaged by the crystal jewelry.

When choosing your chain, measure around your ankle below or above the malleolus, depending on your preference. If you regularly practice sports, choose a resistant model, as it is not uncommon to lose or break an ankle chain.

Carnelian Crystal Anklet

Carnelian Crystal Anklet helps one to have faith in oneself and to become more spontaneous. It helps one to love and accept life, to take it as it comes without becoming attached to the illusion that one is in control of what happens to one. It helps people who are overly emotional, it promotes creativity and a responsible attitude. This stone can also bring more courage and promote concentration.