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Stone Jewelry

Each person has his or her own preferences when it comes to choosing stone jewelry. Some prefer the crystal bracelet, others the necklace or the ring and earrings. However, it is possible to wear these different categories of jewelry at the same time to enhance your appearance. For anyone looking for originality, crystal jewelry is more suitable. Moreover, they offer invaluable advantages for affordable prices. They are endowed with attractive design. They come in a variety of colors, which allows everyone to choose between a stone of discreet and elegant color or a model of a color that easily attracts the eyes.

Each model of accessory is unique and allows you to enhance your outfits. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the product has properties that will help you maintain good health. There are several ways to choose a natural stone charm. First, you can make your choice based on the aesthetic aspect of the product. At the same time, you should choose a model with the right dimensions, in adequacy with your morphology. Then, to benefit fully from the benefits of the crystals, it is important to make a selection according to your astrological sign. Indeed, there are types of stones with virtues more favorable to an astrological sign than to others.

Healing Crystal Jewelry

A well-chosen natural mineral can capture the positive waves gravitating around an individual and bring their benefits to him. Apart from the choice of the mineral, the choice of the chain is not to be neglected in the context of a pendant. With the means, it is possible to opt for a chain. However, you should not neglect other materials such as silver. The latter can multiply the effects of the stones associated with it. Also, the robustness of steel should not be forgotten.

Properties of Mineral Jewels

The natural stone provides many virtues in lithotherapy. Lithotherapy refers to the art of relieving ailments through crystals such as rock crystal, amethyst, labradorite, ruby, citrine, rose quartz or other types of minerals. It is a non-conventional medicine that has been proven to work for countless years.

Experts in the field claim that Crystal jewelry has beneficial powers for a person's quality of life, health, and personal growth. The positive effects of a mineral on our metabolism vary depending on its properties. A natural stone can emit specific vibrations that have positive impacts on our body and mind.

This helps us to maintain good health and the right state of mind. Are you looking for protection against the evil eye to ensure the success of your projects? The 3 eyes pearl bracelet, available on The Crystal House, is recommended to you. This precious good combines the effects of 3 crystals: the eye of hawk, the eye of bull and the eye of tiger. It makes you benefit from a protective power, increases your courage and incites you to persevere. Also, it helps you to be more serene.

Natural Stone Jewelry

Jewels with these crystals bring you only happiness. In addition to their effects that contribute to your personal development, they have therapeutic virtues. Falcon eye can soothe ailments such as respiratory ailments. Joint pains are relieved, thanks to the therapeutic powers of the bull's eye. Want to strengthen your digestive system or become more energetic?

The tiger's eye accompanies you until you reach your goals. For your pendant, necklace or other accessories, you should choose the most suitable semi-precious stone or fine stone. If you often suffer from headaches, backache, digestive or respiratory problems, agate can be of great help. You can't concentrate enough to get your thoughts in order? An agate accessory will be your best ally. For people looking for stone jewelry, products made of amazonite or howlite are also offered by The Crystal House

Mineral Jewelry and Astrological Signs

Your zodiac sign is a reliable criterion of choice when it comes to buying stone jewelry. By doing so, you ensure that you have a protection and accessory that brings you luck in your daily life. Despite talent and skill, luck can sometimes be the determining factor in success in the job search or other life circumstances. While budget may limit your choice in terms of chain: silver, steel or other; there are many choices in terms of the fine stone or pendant that can be compatible with each astrological sign:

Aries stones: turquoise, rock crystal, amethyst (also compatible with Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces signs), red jasper, hematite, rose quartz (can be suitable for Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces signs).
Taurus stones: rock crystal, green jade, turquoise, heliotrope jasper, black agate, hematite, labradorite (also suitable for Cancer, Virgo and Sagittarius).
Gemini stones: tiger's eye, bull's eye, falcon's eye, natural rock crystal, howlite, malachite, red jasper, chalcedony, citrine.
Cancer stones: moonstone, green jade, obsidian, rock crystal, faceted agate, tourmaline, etc.
Leo stones: red jasper, landscape jasper, rock crystal, hematite, citrine, black agate, malachite.
Virgo stones: amethyst, amazonite, faceted agate, rock crystal, howlite, red jasper, malachite, tiger's eye, falcon's eye, bull's eye, citrine.
Libra stones: falcon eye, tiger eye, bull's eye, citrine, malachite, rock crystal, heliotrope jasper, natural green jade.
Scorpio stones: falcon eye, tiger eye, malachite, red jasper, citrine, black agate, bull's eye, rock crystal, hematite.
Sagittarius stones: black agate, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, rock crystal.
Capricorn stones: red jasper, chalcedony, tiger eye, rock crystal, hematite, malachite, black agate.
Aquarius stones: tiger's eye, bull's eye, red jasper, turquoise, black obsidian, rock crystal, falcon's eye, snow obsidian.
Pisces stones: amazonite, black zoned agate, citrine, rock crystal, chalcedony.

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Stone Jewelry, Mineral Jewels and Chakras

Stone jewelry has effects on the chakras, the energy centers of the body, according to some Eastern religions, legends and symbols. Some say that the chakras need to be balanced in order to have a positive influence on a person's health. These energy centers, of which there are 7, also have an effect on our quality of life. To balance or unblock them, a few meditation or yoga sessions are necessary. To do this, you will need your beautiful bracelet or other crystal jewelry.

For each type of chakra to be opened, there is a specific semi-precious stone. In the collection of Rock jewelry offered by The Crystal House, you will find the best product for your needs. To unblock the coronal chakra (Sahasra), it is, for example, useful to have at disposal a fine stone such as: rock crystal or turquoise. As a fine stone associated with the throat chakra, you can choose between: crystal pearl, moonstone, amazonite, chalcedony, etc. The frontal chakra can be balanced, thanks to the use of howlite and jasper beads.

Maintenance of Natural Stone Jewelry

Having a stock or collection of specific mineral accessories is one thing, knowing how to care for your belongings is another. To care for your semi-precious stone items, you don't have to do any complicated cleaning. All you need is a soft damp cloth to give a beautiful shine to each of your accessories. However, to get the most out of the objects, there is what is called purification, to be done after some time of using the minerals. To do this, the practice can be different depending on the products. For example, you can expose the fashion and wellness accessory in the sun or under the full moon. The use of a quartz cluster is also a good option.