Carnelian Crystal Necklace

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Real Carnelian Crystal Necklace 

Our necklaces in round cornelian crystal
You can also find this orange stone in a carnelian crystal necklace of round beads mounted on elastic. Or in a necklace of orange cornelian stones. Carnelian will brighten up your outfit and your face. The stones can be round or well cut, for a more refined style. You can wear your carnelian Necklace alone or with other natural stone necklace.

Raw Carnelian Crystal Necklace

The Carnelian crystal necklace is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. The natural color of the carnelian crystals is a deep red, with some shades of orange mixed in. This makes for an eye-catching necklace that can be worn with any outfit.

The carnelian crystals are sourced from the earth, making this necklace eco-friendly as well as stylish. The raw crystal necklaces are unfinished and have some small imperfections - giving them character and making each one unique. The real carnelian crystal necklaces on the other hand, are completely finished and have no blemishes or imperfections - they are perfect examples of high quality jewelry. 

Crystal Necklace Carnelian 

Indian costume jewelry also likes to include natural stones in its designs. You can find carnelian stones mounted on silver metal, or with resin or wood jewelry. Agates are inexpensive and are often used for costume jewelry.

Carnelian Crystal Necklace: virtues and benefits

Carnelian is a stone of dynamism and good mood. It gives energy and enthusiasm, it is a stone that suits everyone.

Carnelian, because of its red-orange color, acts mainly on the sacred chakra, the second chakra. It is a stone that energizes and brings enthusiasm.

For the man carnelian will promote erection. For the woman it will increase fertility and help to support menstrual pains.

It is also a stone that purifies the kidneys, liver, blood and genitals.

Carnelian is a stone associated with blood. It helps to stop the hemorrhages and accelerates the cicatrization. It helps to purify toxins from the body.

Carnelian is effective in removing emotional and psychological blockages. It repels negative thoughts, fears and anxieties. It helps in self-acceptance.

Carnelian also helps to concentrate in one's work, it favors creativity and courage to undertake. It is a stone of dynamism and vitality.

It is good to offer a carnelian stone to a person who lacks drive or dynamism, this stone will give him a "boost".

Carnelian Crystal Heart Necklace 

This beautiful, intricately carved necklace is made of Carnelian crystal. The pendant is adorned with a sparkling crystal and hangs from a delicate chain. It would make the perfect gift for someone special!

The Carnelian crystal used in this necklace collection's is known for its deep, rich colors and striking patterns. The natural variations in the color make each piece unique. This necklace would be a beautiful addition to any woman's wardrobe!