Carnelian Bracelet

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Carnelian Bracelets

Carnelian crystal is the crystal of serenity and appeasement. It brings happiness, joy of living and enthusiasm. Its vibrations dispel bad emotions such as anger or jealousy. To appease the grudge, Carnelian acts directly on the Solar Plexus.

True lucky charm, Carnelian crystal bracelet protects you and everyone who wears it. It helps to maintain a soft and serene atmosphere. It also facilitates understanding between people.

This stone gives courage to introverts who do not dare to impose themselves. It is the perfect ally for people who want to concentrate on their work without having their mind wandering. Carnelian is a crystal to wear when working, as it stimulates creativity and concentration.

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet 

How to clean and purify a carnelian ?

To clean carnelian, you just have to soak it in water. Like most stones, carnelian likes water and even gives off energy when you touch it by immersion. You must clean your stone after each use: in the morning if you have slept with it, at night if you have used it during the day.

To clean carnelian, take a large bowl, a salad bowl or a basin of cold tap water.
Choose the size of the container according to the size of your stone. Glass or ceramic containers are best, but if you have a large stone, you can use a plastic container.
Rinse your stone under running water for a few seconds, then place it in its container so that it is completely immersed. Leave the stone to soak for hours or even all day or night.

Then remove it from its container and rinse it again under running water for a few seconds. Wipe it with a clean cloth and use it again as usual.
A carnelian must be purified as soon as you buy it. Before reaching you, the stone has certainly come a long way, passing from one hand to another, losing a little more of its power as it goes. There are different methods of purifying carnelian.


Place the stone under the sunlight, on a tray covered with a cotton cloth, for a few hours.


As with sunlight purification, place your stone under the rays of the moon, on the inside edge of a window for example, at nightfall.

Sage or rosemary tea

Mix a few fresh sage or rosemary leaves to make a light tea. Let it cool to room temperature. In a glass bowl, place your crystals, then pour the cold tea on top. Let sit overnight or for a day. For best results, use spring water or distilled water.


Pass the carnelian through the smoke of a sage incense, sweetgrass, Dragon's blood or olibanum or sage hydrosol (floral water) from "Subtilessences". To restore, clean and maintain good vibrations in the room, you can also use a mixture of incense of parsley, rosemary, thyme and sage.

The water

Cold running water is sufficient to clean carnelian. Just run the stones under water for 5 minutes by holding them in your hands or placing them in any container except metal.


All stones look better in the rain. As with the moon and sun method, leave your crystals in the rain and also let them dry naturally in the sun.

Sand and soil

Instead of placing your stones directly in the ground, bury them in sand or moist soil for 24 hours. Be careful not to wrap them up even if the luster may come off at the end of the operation.

How to maintain your real carnelian bracelet ?

Carnelian is a solid stone and very easy to maintain. You can clean it gently with water, using a soft toothbrush.

Carnelian loses its power if you expose it to strong heat, to certain household products and especially to abrasive surfaces.

How to use carnelian stone bracelet for fertility ?

Carnelian awakens the sexual side of a person, it is a stone of passion. So you can use it to encourage spontaneous love. It can also stimulate all areas of a woman's reproductive system, while balancing hormones. Carnelian protects women from miscarriage.

Carnelian is used to solve problems in the fallopian tubes. It has the ability to absorb blockages that interfere with procreation. It also brings vitality and energy to pregnant women.

If you want to have a child, sleep with a carnelian, especially if you have trouble having children or if doctors have told you that you are infertile. Carnelian also accompanies the convalescence in the case of heavy operations on the belly or the genitals. It helps the body to forget quickly the shock which it has just undergone. What allows you not to alter the various aspects of the life as the childbirth, bound to the energy of the stone.