Aquamarine Bracelet

Aquamarine Bracelets

Virtues And Properties Of Aquamarine Stone In Lithotherapy

The aquamarine stone worn as a necklace or bracelet is endowed with a great number of virtues and is renowned for its numerous beneficial effects on both the psychological and physical levels. The field of action and radiation of this beautiful gemstone are indeed vast and extensive. Whether it is to soothe the one who is taking an exam, to bring happiness in love, to facilitate expressiveness or to act on various domains of our health, its virtues are multiple and indispensable.

The Virtues And Properties Of Aquamarine Stone On The Mental Level

Aquamarine is considered as a mineral which allows to realize artistic performances of quality. Indeed, it has the power to increase the sensitivity and expressiveness of those who possess it. It also helps to better express and transmit emotions. Associated with the astrological signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Libra and Gemini, the positive vibrations that it transmits predispose par excellence to artistic professions.

Moreover, invested with calming virtues, it brings peace, appeasement and serenity while acting positively on the intellectual stimulation. It is therefore the favorite stone of those who face an oral exam and who will wear it as a necklace or bracelet for example, as a good luck charm to succeed in their studies.

Aquamarine is also the stone of the divinatory arts, clarifying mediumistic perceptions and clairvoyance. In addition, aquamarine makes communication with others more harmonious. Very popular with lovers, it strengthens and consolidates a budding love or a fragile relationship, or confirms an already established relationship.

This is why it is very symbolic to offer the one you love an engagement ring topped with an aquamarine. On the other hand, aquamarine has been for many centuries the talisman of sailors and travelers at sea whom it protects from drowning and to whom it brings good luck and guarantees a calm and serene journey.

The Virtues And Properties Of Aquamarine Stone On The Physical Level
Aquamarine not only has a positive effect on the psyche and intellect, but is also known to have a positive effect on our physical state. Aquamarine is regularly used to align the chakras of our body. Mainly associated with the neck and throat chakras, it plays a purifying role in our health and has a positive effect on our entire respiratory system.

It is thus particularly indicated for its beneficial role and its curative action in the event of invasion of a foreign agent or of tissue irritation of the respiratory tract and the ORL sphere. It has a curative action on the discomfort at the level of the throat, the pulmonary disorders, the coughs, the problems of the tonsils, the larynx and the throat. It also strengthens the vocal cords. Moreover, it is reputed to facilitate the essential circulation of liquids in our body.

Aquamarine also has a positive effect on the immune system, which it revitalizes, strengthens and balances. It regulates the functioning of the heartbeat as well as the blood, endocrine and lymphatic systems.

It is thus a precious ally to fight against the rise of the blood pressure, the problems of blood and heart. Moreover, it intervenes to decrease the ocular tiredness and to alleviate all kinds of pains, of which the dental pains. If it brings luck to the travelers at sea who attribute to him the power to protect them, it is also recognized to relieve the sea sickness and the nauseas just like the manifestations of problems of hypersensitivity and other problems of skin.

In case of skin problems such as dryness, skin irritation or pimples, it acts as an aquamarine elixir to prepare yourself. Simply soak the stone in a glass of water overnight and use the resulting lotion several times a day by applying it to the skin without rubbing it.

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The Virtues And Properties Of Aquamarine Stone On The Spiritual Level

On the spiritual level, aquamarine stone acts on the throat chakra and on the heart chakra. First of all, it is important to know that the throat chakra represents communication in all its forms: verbal expression, active listening, creativity, respect and benevolence. Symbolically, it represents communication with spirit guides and with the afterlife.

When in perfect balance, the throat chakra promotes objectivity, sincerity and clairaudience. When it is blocked, the Throat Chakra manifests itself in negative behaviors such as lack of self-confidence, insincerity, excessive shyness and fear of abandonment. To regain balance, you can wear an aquamarine stone as a pendant to keep it near the throat chakra. This will help you speak more confidently, assert yourself in front of others and have healthy relationships.

Aquamarine can also help you unlock your heart chakra. With its gentle, comforting energy, aquamarine promotes love, tenderness and compassion. Typically, the heart chakra closes as a result of heartache, emotional injury or trauma. Naturally, you are afraid to love and trust. You shut yourself off and think you are insensitive to love. But in reality, the heart chakra never closes permanently. Wearing an aquamarine stone can help you work on this particular chakra.

When open and balanced, the heart chakra gives you a pleasant feeling of lightness, happiness and unconditional love. This chakra helps you receive and give. It helps you express words that are sometimes difficult to say, such as "forgive", "thank you", or "I love you".

Located in the middle of the chest and the 7 chakras, the heart chakra can be seen as a link between spiritual and material energies, and more broadly, between the earth and the cosmos. To find balance on the physical and mental level, it seems essential to open this chakra which greatly facilitates the flow of energies through the different chakras. Ultimately, aquamarine is a gentle and soothing stone whose virtues are focused on love and communication.

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Stones And Materials That Go Perfectly With Aquamarine

In jewelry, most aquamarine stones are set in white metals such as white gold, white gold and silver. This is because light blue is a cool color that goes well with softer tones. That said, there's nothing to stop you from wearing an aquamarine on yellow or rose gold jewelry to give it a sophisticated, summery look.

When it comes to compatibility, aquamarine should be paired with stones that have a similar energy, i.e. soft and calming. For example, you can combine an aquamarine with amazonite, moonstone, apatite, lapis lazuli, larimar, chalcedony, blue aventurine, azurite, rose quartz, sodalite or pink tourmaline.

Generally speaking, all spiritual stones and all stones that work on the throat chakra and heart chakra can be worn with an aquamarine. However, you cannot mix a soothing, spiritual stone with a powerful protective stone such as obsidian, onyx or tiger's eye. These stones can be worn alone or in different jewelry, but never in direct contact with energies that are fundamentally opposed.

Aquamarine Stone Bracelet

How To Maintain And Preserve Aquamarine Stone?

Over time, aquamarine loses its effectiveness. Its energy diminishes and its benefits fade until it has given you everything. To preserve its powers and beauty as long as possible, you simply need to purify and recharge your stone regularly. In lithotherapy, each stone is purified and recharged in a very specific way according to its composition and its virtues. In this case, aquamarine is purified with water, salt, earth or incense.

If you don't know how to do this, we recommend the easiest method, which is to soak your stone in a bath of distilled salt water for a few hours. This purification ritual will remove impurities and negative energies that have stuck to your stone. If you wear it every day, feel free to clean it carefully once a week. At the end of the purification ritual, don't forget to gently wipe your stone with a soft, clean cloth to limit the appearance of scratches.

Once purified, your stone must be recharged to regain all its powers. To recharge your aquamarine stone, simply expose it to sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Indeed, only natural light can give back to your stone all its good energies.

To optimize this ritual and increase the powers of your stone tenfold, you can place it on a cluster of quartz or on an amethyst geode. You can perform this ritual of recharging after each purification, or simply as soon as you feel a small drop of energy. If you maintain it with care and rigor, your aquamarine stone will offer you its sweet energies for a whole eternity.