Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Bracelets

Why Wear An Amethyst Crystal Bracelet?

Once known as the stone of sobriety, amethyst protects against drunkenness and various addictions, especially to nicotine or caffeine.

Wear an amethyst bracelet on your dominant wrist (right if you are right-handed). Purify your amethyst bracelet after each use.

To regain your self-confidence, meditate while wearing an amethyst pendant, and wear it at your 3rd eye chakra (forehead) regularly. It will help you connect to the guidance of the Universe.

Wear an amethyst bracelet when you have to make an important decision, and visualize the choice you have to make.

You will very often meet travelers wearing an amethyst bracelet. It brings instinct and security to travel.

Our advice: silver enhances your amethyst better than gold. In bracelet, amethyst beads are both very pleasant to wear but also very easy to match with other minerals

Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

How To Purify An Amethyst Bracelet ?

The purification of your amethyst bracelet should be done regularly to rid it of the energies it has absorbed, especially if you have had to make important decisions.

You can purify your amethyst bracelet either with water or by fumigation, by burning a stick of white sage or Palo Santo from Peru

Amethyst is a stone very much linked to the yin element, and therefore to the moon, we advise you to purify your amethyst at night.

To recharge your amethyst bracelet, place it on a bed of quartz. Leave your amethyst all night long under the rays of the moon.

Our advice: purification by fumigation is recommended when you have several stones and jewelry to purify, or that one of your stone and / or jewelry is afraid of water.

Mens Amethyst Bracelet

The Power of an Amethyst Bracelet In Lithotherapy

Amethyst bracelets are used in lithotherapy for their healing powers, to relieve emotional problems and for the energetic rebalancing of the chakras.

An amethyst crystal bracelet vibrates with a soothing energy. It calms and protects from harsh emotions, such as anger, fear and tension.

A bracelet made of round amethyst beads helps us to distinguish between good and evil and provides the wisdom to make decisions with good sense.

Real Amethyst Crystal Bracelet 

Maintenance Of Your Amethyst Bracelet.

We advise you to avoid :

Storing bracelets against each other. When you are not using them, we advise you to separate the other bracelets because otherwise they can get scratched. If you have no other option, protect them with a cotton cloth.

Perfumes, especially if the bracelet is finished with a silver or metal clasp or pendant.

Sea or pool water. In both cases, chlorine and salt will damage the polish of the amethyst which will gradually lose its luster.

Amethyst has a strong affinity with the moon and it is not recommended to leave it in direct sunlight. UV rays can tarnish amethyst.


With Which Stones To Associate An Amethyst Bracelet ?

Naturally, your amethyst bracelet goes perfectly with bracelets made of stones from the same crystal family, such as rose quartz, citrine, rock crystal, agate, tiger's eye, chalcedony...

Stone of appeasement, it is linked naturally with rose quartz, to vibrate with love in harmony.

A rock crystal bracelet is also a wise and elegant choice.

Agate, in its natural colors, balances the energy of amethyst. It is worn in beaded bracelets.

A tiger's eye bracelet for its protective and chakra-balancing properties.

The moonstone strengthens the feminine energy. Wearing these two bracelets with each other is absolutely elegant. Prefer pearl bracelets of the same size.

Our advice: if you want to combine your amethyst bracelet with other stone bracelets, you might as well combine the therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. Think about the harmony of tones and colors, such as pink and white, and prefer round pearl bracelets.