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Keep a Positive Energy throughout the day with our stones made especially for your well-being.

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There is nothing like a crystal necklace to bring goodness, peace to your energies and beauty to your style. The simplicity and elegance of a stone necklace will completely change your appearance and your energies whether it is a jade necklace or a carnelian necklace you will find everything at the crystal house. We make sure to have a wide range of jewelry that continues to grow by offering only with elegant crystal jewelry with real crystal. jade, carnelian, emerald, amethyst there is for all tastes and all stones, there will be no jealousy because everyone can finally wear his own crystal jewelry

Crystal Ring Holder

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Crystal Earrings

What could be more beautiful than a earring that matches your style, that is to say with character, that is unique and that brings you serenity, peace and wisdom. An crystal earring is a guarantee of elegance and originality.

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Crystal Keychain

A crystal placed as close as possible to the keys you use every day, the crystal keychain is considered the most beautiful thing to have on your key ring. The crystals keychains are the most beautiful possible combining the useful with the pleasant. These crystal accessories give the necessary benefits to everyone depending on the stone you choose.

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The Crystal House

Our Clients' Testimonials

The Crystal House

So happy to have received my orders. The necklace and earrings are great. Thank you, keep up the good work!

The Crystal House

I am a big fan of crystal and I wanted real quality stones and I am really surprised !


At first I was apprehensive about ordering crystal jewelry online. But I totally changed my point of view, the stones and the jewels are of good quality and it looks great.


A 100% American crystal jewelry store

Founded by Tom in 2020, The Crystal House aims to democratize crystal jewelry and its benefits. Regrouping more than 2500 faithful customers in the whole world. The store has become the number 1 in the world.
Customer service available 24h / 24
You have a question ? We are here to answer them, our entire team works closely with its customers to help them whether it is to find a specific reference or give you more information about your order. contact us at
Over 300 references of crystal jewels

The world and fashion evolves every day. That's why we are constantly updating our collections with exclusive new Crystal Jewels in our catalog. Our goal is simple: to offer you the best deals all year round for a unique style..
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No matter where you live, we offer delivery all around the world directly to your home. All you have to do is choose the decoration that suits you: our team takes care of the rest.

The Crystal House handpicks our stones and chooses its suppliers with the greatest sense of detail. We work with the best crystal jewelry designers on the market.

The most important thing we look for is the quality of our stones so that our crystal necklace as well as the originality and elegance of all our. crystal jewelry.

Where to buy Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelets

The most important thing we look for is the quality of our stones so that our strong>crystal necklace as well as the originality and elegance of all our.crystal jewelry.

You are looking to buy a crystal bracelet or a crystal necklace but you don't know how to make your choice. Between the jade bracelet, amethyst bracelet or the carnelian bracelet you are lost. So it's very simple at first, you have to look at the stones you want to wear according to the benefits they bring you.

Then you will have to ask yourself what colors you want on your crystal bracelet or on your crystal necklace, the best is to match between 2 and 3 colors maximum.

To find all the crystal bracelets in the stone category you want, just choose to display only the bracelets in this category to see the variety we have for you

Now that you know what type of stone you want, and what colors you want, you just have to choose the shape of the stones you want. That is, you may want pearls, or you may want crystals in various sizes, or you may just want a crystal bangle. And then you just have to choose the size of those stones for example you want 8 cm beads or 6 cm beads if you want fairly small beads and if you want bigger crystal beads then you'll take a 12 cm bead bracelet.

And for a crystal necklace, you have to ask yourself if you want a choker, a normal necklace, you have to ask yourself the question of the size of the beads. You must also ask yourself if you want a pendant or not with your necklace. And in these cases, you must also choose your necklace according to the pendant that you will add, its size and its colors.

And the best thing about wearing a crystal necklace is to match your crystal earrings.

Where to buy Crystal Necklace

Crystal Necklace
You are looking for a crystal necklace for your daily life, and you don't necessarily know what to wear or you hesitate.

We decided to help you, first I advise you for a crystal necklace or crystal earrings to make sure they are matched to create a surprise in each person who will look at you.>.

They will highlight your silhouette and more precisely your head. The necklace will also be the jewelry closest to your heart with the crystal pendant, so take advantage of it to wear a stone that will give the energy you want to find in your inner well-being.

You are looking for a crystal necklace to offer to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and you don't know what to choose or you hesitate. We decided to help you, first I advise you to use his astrological sign to define the benefits of each stone.

To keep a balance remember that each crystal sends back energies that's why each jewel has its charms. You can bring diversity by putting different crystals in order to combine them to bring everything that your loved one needs and wants.

There is no better way to surprise the people around you, wearing beautiful stones is the best way to stand out from the crowd while feeling soothed and directly connected with its energies. Finally have an energy that is in total correlation with the person you are.

Crystal Anklet

In all forms and for all uses, crystal jewels are available to you. You wish to take full advantage of the virtues and properties of lithotherapy stones, while enjoying their natural appearance? The Crystal House offers you a large number of natural stone, namely: spheres, heart, bead anklet, and many others on request... They are ideal for therapists (such as a labradorite sphere to protect you from negative energies or a black tourmaline to protect you from electromagnetic waves in lithotherapy), but also for private individuals, also as decoration. Let the natural stone objects harmonize with your environment.

The Crystal House brings you its passion for lithotherapy and its love for stones, crystals and health stones. Her team is passionate about making you discover crystals in their polished or raw state, such as quartz clusters, pebbles and rolled stones. Each of these stones and crystals are unique and authentic. They give a glimpse of the natural richness of the world around us and the beauties of nature that our earth embodies. The Crystal House team is committed to your discovery of lithotherapy through its natural stones: From the four corners of the world to your door.

How to Feel the Benefits of the Crystal

To feel the benefits of the stones, it is strongly recommended to wear them close to you, in contact with your skin. You can also place them in your bedroom, in your living room or in your workplace, depending on the desired effects. For example, if you need a stone that facilitates communication, you can choose a necklace so that it is always positioned on your throat chakra. If you are looking for a stone that facilitates sleep, you can simply place it on a bedside table next to your bed. The closer you keep your stones, the more you will be able to feel their positive energies.

For some, these energies manifest themselves as a feeling of warmth. For others, it is an almost instantaneous feeling of calm and well-being. And finally, some need more time to feel the energies. Whatever happens, you should know that everyone can be receptive to lithotherapy, but each person reacts differently according to his or her sensitivity, and according to the stone chosen!

Any questions or hesitations ?

You have a question or a hesitation between different products and you would like someone to answer or help you to choose your crystal necklace or your crystal bracelet. Contact us directly by mail, we have advisers specialized in crystal jewelry to answer your questions and find the best solution.

Customer service closer to our customers to answer them as soon as possible. With an answer in less than 48H assured, advice on measures as well as the provision of exclusive jewelry that are not available on the store.

So if you ever have a doubt, a question, a solution has found do not hesitate to send us a message !